Hey Darling

A playwright socio-anthropologist met a fashion promotion masseuse in the hellfires of SCA 2.0 in 2019. 


Gigi provides the (sometimes questionable) chat and Elle whizzes up the meticulous visuals.

In short, we’re liberal mischief makers who like to raise their shellac-ed middle fingers to The Man. 

After freelancing with the biggest and best names in the biz, we’ve set up camp at Hope and Glory and bought that elusive gold Cannes Young Lion home, our third award of the year.


Let the world domination commence…

Gold PR Cannes Young Lions 2021

PRCA Cannes Young Lions UK Winners 2021

CREAM Winners 2020

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"When talking about how to progress in a career, my old boss Paul Arden used to say ‘if you’re not very good, be nice’, the implication being that creativity is best but being nice can still get you a long way. 

Having been mentor to Elle and Gigi during their year at SCA I can state that Paul would have loved them.


Because they are both good and nice. 
But of course they’re not just good and nice, they are also original, capable and confident plus they are blessed with that other essential asset in a creative team - energy! 
Elle and Gigi are a team that is going places so why not have them at your place first?"

Alan Burles, Mentor & Art Director

“In 10 years of teaching hundreds of award winners, Elle & Gigi are the first to ask me for a testimonial.  That describes this team to a tee - always there with the firsts, and constantly pushing to see what they can get away with.”


Marc Lewis, Founder of SCA 2.0

"At SCA I've seen them grow into the kind of junior team that picks up things fast, isn't afraid to learn new things and have a knack for potentially name-making ideas."


Uri Baruchin, Mentor & Strategist 

"Elle and Gigi are feisty problem solvers who dazzle with eloquent, witty writing, and strong visual executions. They deliver on-the-nose solutions with oodles of class and charm."


Ian Hands, Typographer & Designer